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Automate your B2B content strategy with advanced features

Advanced Web Scraping

Stay ahead of the curve with Brain Dump's seamless data scraping capabilities, giving you a competitive advantage within your industry

Organise and Aggregate

Simplify your workflow by tagging and categorising insights, making each data point readily accessible and actionable.

Data Visualisation

Interpret your data effortlessly with clear visualisations, allowing you to quickly grasp industry trends.

From competitors to key accounts, Brain Dump ensures comprehensive data collection.
Transform raw data into structured datasets for easy analysis.
Employ AI to create intuitive visual representations of your data, facilitating easier conversations.

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Brain Dump's Premier Features

Advanced Web Scraping

Effortlessly and accurately scrape data across your industry.

News Jacking

Stay abreast of trending news as it unfolds.

Pinpoint Search

Instantly locate critical moments and insights with just a click.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Brain Dump seamlessly into your event toolkit, complementing tools like WhatsApp and Google Workspace.

Knowledge Repository

Develop a dynamic, expanding archive of knowledge, transforming insights into actionable strategies.

Visual Audio Studio

Create engaging social media content from event highlights, enhancing post-event marketing efforts.

Our clients

Simple Pricing

Transparent Pricing Customized to Your Needs

£9 per data point

Total Price

£90.0 (10 data points)

Automate Industry Research

Enterprise Managed Service Edition

Platform Management

Let us manage the insights delivery directly to your inbox.

Data-Driven Decisions

Delve into content analysis to identify trends and inform strategy development.

Data Science Support

Our data scientists are on hand to focus on the metrics that matter most to you.

Tailored Integrations

Custom-fit Brain Dump into your event technology stack for seamless operation.

Private AI Service

Experience a custom AI service designed specifically for your event needs.

Dedicated Support

Our team supports you from data collection to visualisation, ensuring success at every step.

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Brain Dump

Leadership Team

  • James Saward-Anderson
  • CTO/ Co-Founder
  • Said Business School Oxford Alumni
  • Nano Degree Computer Programming
  • Winter LinkedIn 2022 Creator Accelerator
  • Co-Founder of Social Tree Global (LinkedIn agency)
  • Maxwell Hannah
  • CRO/ Co-Founder
  • Co-Founder of Social Tree Global
    (LinkedIn agency)
  • Winter LinkedIn 2021 Creator Accelerator
  • Featured leader in Times Online sales and marketing
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